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I take every precaution to ensure the safety of the HikePups in my care. Click to read more.
I take every precaution to ensure the safety of the HikePups in my care:

- I only take dogs for off-leash hikes after I have tested them myself to make sure they come quickly when called

- I ensure rapid response and recall by using only high-value treats (such as USA-made chicken and turkey dogs)

- I watch dogs closely to make sure they don’t eat anything they’re not supposed to or chase wild animals

- I use my own leashes, and put secondary comfortable harnesses on dogs who habitually slip out of their collars

- I use a modified rock climbing waist belt that attaches to all the dogs’ leads – ensuring they can never get away by accident

- I comply will all park rules by keeping dogs under control and ensuring they don’t run wild

- I do not walk dogs in stormy or extremely hot weather: scheduled walks and hikes postponed by the elements are automatically switched to Stop-By visits with rates reduced accordingly.


Learn about some of the bonus features available at HikePups. Click to read more.

Track your dog’s walk – The Veriwalk app (for Android and iPhone) lets you see where we walked using GPS technology. Your first Veriwalk walk is free so you can test-drive the app, then it’s just an extra dollar for each walk.
Ensure your pet is cared for in an emergency – The ICE app (for Android and iPhone) lets you text me if something has come up unexpectedly and you need me to walk your dog on short notice. The ICE for Pets mobile app provides pet owners and sitters the ability to manage important information about your pet and alert an emergency contact to care for their pets if they can’t.
Pictures and videos of your dog – I provide these for free so you can see how much fun we’re having on our walks and hikes!


There are rattlesnakes in the East Bay woods, and they are dangerous to dogs. Click to read more.

There are rattlesnakes in the East Bay woods, and they are dangerous to dogs. I therefore strongly recommend either rattlesnake vaccination or Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for hiking dogs. During rattlesnake season (from April to December), I require that dogs on my hikes are either vaccinated or trained to avoid snakes – no exceptions.

• Consult your veterinarian regarding the safety of all vaccines, and your dog’s potential reactions.

• Rattlesnake Avoidance Training teaches dogs to recognize and fear rattlesnakes, typically using a shock collar. I use only positive reinforcement methods with dogs, and do not provide this training. However, I believe it is far better to teach dogs to fear and avoid rattlesnakes, even using a shock collar, than it is for them to be bitten by rattlesnakes. I am therefore happy to refer dog guardians to qualified professionals who do this training.


    Dog Walking & Hiking Introduction

    Lots of dog walkers will take your pup for a stroll around the block. That’s great, and I can do that too. But sometimes dogs need to feel dirt and grass under their paws, and smell the scents of the wilderness – so I also take them hiking in our area’s open spaces! I know all the best dog-friendly parks in the region. Plus, as a proud Gig Harbor resident, I know the neighborhoods too.

    I love all dogs. As a certified, professional dog walker, I’ll take care of your dog like he was my own. I’ll keep him safe and secure, and after exercising he’ll be all tuckered out when you get home - so you can relax together.

    Does your dog sit at home alone waiting to be walked while you work? I have a simple, stress-free solution to that problem: let me walk your dog for you so you can stop worrying and concentrate on your day.

    Does your dog love the Great Outdoors? Does she like sniffing fresh air and running through fields? Is she an explorer who thirsts for the special sights, sounds, scents and sensations of nature? Is she a HikePup at heart? If so, we’re going to have a blast together, because I love taking dogs on hikes. I offer both on-leash and off-leash hikes.

    For your convenience, I offer dog walking and dog hiking as separate services, always with no-stress pick-up and drop-off at your home.

    If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then take a look at my dog walking services to find one that’s right for you and your dog. Then simply contact me to schedule a free, no-obligation, face-to-face Meet ‘n Greet appointment at your home. I look forward to hearing from you!
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    Solo – A Private Walk

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    Around your neighborhood or at a local dog park – you choose.
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    Your dog gets personal one-on-one attention.
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    I take the first walk with you and your dog to see how he responds to you.

    Special Note

    * If a walk is scheduled and the weather becomes too stormy or super hot and we decide not to take your pet into the elements then your visit will be switched to a 'Stop By' (see below) and your walk will be automatically reduced.


    $22 / 30 minutes
    $25 / 45 minutes
    + $8 per walk for each additional dog (up to three).
    + $1 Veriwalk GPS Tracking (available for all walks)

    Pack Walks – Packs Forming Now!

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    Up to four dogs per pack
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    Our local Neighborhoods and the Iron Horse Trail

    Special Note

    * Dogs evolved in packs, and even though they're our pets now, belonging to a group is still an essential part of their nature. Pack walks promote canine health and happiness by letting dogs be dogs together in the Great Outdoors. Your dog might even be a born pack leader!


    $25 / 45 minutes
    + $10 for each additional dog
    + $1 Veriwalk GPS Tracking (available for all walks)

    Senior Moments

    I love senior dogs. They have a special place in my heart. We know that they really want to go for a walk and yet do not realize their aerobic ability has diminished. We need to be patient and careful as they will want to go as far as when younger and then can have a difficult time returning back to the house, a walk should NEVER be painful. The Senior Moment is the perfect walk for your older dog; we will take a short slow stroll and stop to sniff EVERYTHING interesting along our path. This walk will be sensory stimulating for your dog and elevate boredom; I promise your pet will never suspect he/she was not very far from home.
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    A special slow walk just for older dogs
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    Plenty of time for sniffing all the interesting stuff along the way

    Special Note

    * If you have a senior and a younger dog(s) I will offer you two separate walks at a reduced rate. Feel free call for more information.


    $20 / 20 minutes
    + $1 Veriwalk GPS Tracking (available for all walks)

    Senior Car Ride

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    A singular chauffer service for older dogs who don’t walk so well anymore but still love a nice car ride
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    I come to your house and gently walk your dog up a ramp into HikePups’ spacious SUV and buckle him in so he can stick (only) his head out the partially-open window

    Special Note



    $30 / 15 minute ride
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    On Leash Group/Pack Trail Hikes

    Groups hikes into wilderness, park or free space areas will not include more than 4 dogs. For these hikes, all dogs will be kept on lead during the entire walk. Your dogs will be out in nature, walk on dirt trails, get a variety in hills and flat terrain and have lots of new scents to make every outing fun.

    Special Note

    * Rattlesnake avoidance training recommended; This training teaches dogs to recognize and fear rattlesnakes. A good trainer will teach dogs to sense danger using olfactory (smell), auditory (sound of the rattle) and visually recognize a dangerous snake. See my information page for local trainers. (Warning) A shock collar is typically used in this training method.


    $25 / 45 minutes
    + $10 / each additional dog

    Off-Leash Group/Pack Trail Hikes

    Group off leash hikes into wilderness, park or free space areas are available. If your dog has a proven strong recall and loves to romp then this is the hike for him. Because the local parks are reporting issues with off-lead incidents and parking lot accidents they are changing the rules in our area, HikePups abides by all park rules.

    Special Note

    * Either rattlesnake vaccine or rattlesnake avoidance training required for all off leash walks during snake season. No exceptions.


    $25 / 45 minutes for each dog
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p: (253) 858-1963 | e: barb@hikepups.com